Friday, December 2, 2011

Bye For Now

*** I found this 4 year old draft of a post that never was, so I'm-a post it today!***
It's been a long, heartfelt decision to finally come to grips with, but the roadster project is going to have to wait for now. I've decided to up and sell my project of the last few years. So long to those parts and components that took me on many adventures and missions: high-desert drag strips, misty morning swap meets, getting lost, finding my way, scrounging the bins on eBay, sifting through old car mags, making friends and connections, shooting the shit, de-greasing, cleaning, learning, planning, paint scheme dreaming, walking cold fields of North Dakota and Montana with my uncle, taking pictures, coming up short, friendly donations...I look forward to doing it all over again. Soon I hope.
In the meantime, recouping my investment from the roadster project will get us out on track with completing about a dozen other projects I have going as of late. Mostly home-related. I'm calling it "The Dirt Elimination Project" as we have plenty of empty dirt patches at the ranch waiting to get green.

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