Saturday, September 6, 2008

'63 Unibody

A neat '63 Unibody that I was almost mine... if only it had the Streamline Go Kart! I spied this one day driving down the street with $1500 scribbled on the back window with white shoe polish. I immediately made a swift U-turn and followed it to its destination not far away and negotiated  a test drive. Real sweet. Ran and drove great. Three-on-the-tree. All original. Everything was there. What soured the deal was hat someone had hacked off the "cool" peak of the roof-line at the rear of the cab and did a hasty bondo job to fill it in. Bummer. Would have been a steal.

Show and Go!

Just a nice vintage model kit of a '63 F100 Unibody I found on the eBay.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Freedom From Want: '65 F100 Custom Cab

The newest addition to the fleet. 


I had the opportunity to do some graphics for my neighbor, Dave-O who is the Owner/Operator of Skaterbuilt out of his secret board-shaping lab a stones throw away from my house. Well he and Chris Meinerz (aka Bucky, who is a friend of Steve Alba) , got the O.K. from the Screaming Lord himself and had me knock off the S.ALBA BEVEL Re-ish from Santa Cruz for his Pro-Model. The "Dream Deck".  They made a super limited run of these so they are probly sold-out by now. It was a fun little project to work on in the middle of everything else going on. Thanks guys!

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